Ronairo “Rocky” Wilburn
Chief Operating Officer
BS, engineering, Technical University of Denmark
MBA, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Ronairo “Rocky” Wilburn stands as the pivotal force behind the physical realization of Village Accelerator’s visionary centers worldwide. Transitioning from his extensive background as a developer, Rocky now serves as the Chief Operating Officer, spearheading the meticulous construction and development of spaces tailored to meet the unique and diverse requirements of each center.

Armed with a profound expertise in construction and site development, Rocky ensures that every space manifests the precise specifications essential for the success of the respective accelerator. His role encompasses overseeing the entire process, from blueprint to the final structure, meticulously orchestrating the creation of environments conducive to innovation, collaboration, and growth.

Rocky's prowess lies not just in construction logistics but in understanding the nuanced needs of various industries within the ecosystem. He ensures that each physical space harmoniously accommodates the diverse needs of startups and businesses across different sectors, fostering an environment where creativity and progress can flourish unimpeded.